7 YouTube Channels with Great Business Advice

By Scott Vollero

YouTube, and online video in general, has democratized knowledge. You can learn anything about anything if you know what to look for. This includes business advice. You can get quite an education on YouTube. It’s not just for cat videos!

But with so many videos on YouTube (300 hours of video every minute!), how do you find what you’re looking for, or who to listen to? Here are seven channels we think are worth your while.

Derral Eves

If you want to know specifically about YouTube marketing, this is the go-to guy. Derral Eves was one of the earliest big adopters of YouTube. His edutainment videos are all about how to leverage YouTube to make your business a lot of money. And it’s not all high-end stuff either. He even has videos on basic YouTube usage. He may be a bit silly for your corporate meeting, but his entertaining style can teach you quite a lot about good YouTube marketing.


You may know Hubspot for its blog posts or its marketing software, but they also have a successful YouTube channel that releases videos three times a week. If you practice inbound marketing, you’ve probably heard of Hubspot.

Where Hubspot can help you is showing you how you can have different video divisions. A YouTube channel doesn’t have to be about a singular thing. You can have sub-lists to show different topics. This is great when you’re trying to get your channel off the ground and you don’t quite know what will stick, or if you have several ideas bouncing around the office and you’re worried about settling on one.

Behind the Brand with Bryan Elliott

Have you ever watched a business-related TED talk and wanted to hear more from that speaker? This is a good place to check. Bryan Elliott interviews high-achieving entrepreneurs and executives about business topics and their perspectives on the business world. And if you don’t know who are the secret masters of online business are these days, you’d get a great introduction googling the names of the people he’s talked to.

Eric Worre – Network Marketing Pro

Regardless of your opinions on network marketing, successful ones know how to do the hard sell better than anyone out there. Want to know what goes on in those expensive meetings, or want to study their techniques? Just take a look at the videos of Eric Worre. He’s on a one-man-mission to change the perception of network marketing and show how to make it work.

Video Creators with Tim Schmoyer

Tim Schmoyer is another early YouTube adopter. Since uploading his first video in 2006, he has published over 2000 videos on the platform. He wants to help people share their own messages on YouTube and broadcast them as widely as possible. Video Creators is a good complementary channel with Derral Eves so you can achieve YouTube mastery.

Dan Martell

Dan Martell is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor from Canada that shares advice on how to scale businesses on his YouTube channel. Getting your business to grow from just supporting yourself to supporting your lifestyle dreams is a challenge for any entrepreneur. Dan can show you how it’s done.

Sunny Lenarduzzi

While this channel may not have been updated in over a year, the information in it is quite sound. Sunny Lenarduzzi came to YouTube with a background in journalism and it shows in her presentation style. If you need a model for how to engage an audience, this is the woman to watch. And if you’re interested in more from her, she still has an active presence on Facebook.